ControlUp Reporter Release Notes

29 June 2014

Issues resolved:

  • Added a workaround for generating reports on the Disk Read/Write Time columns
  • Memory columns are now represented in KB/MB/GB and not as a scientific number
  • Fixed an issue where a message box was displayed behind the main form


  • Added a time selector to allow generating reports while selecting a specific time frame in addition to dates
  • Enhanced error reporting with a more informative message being presented when data is insufficient to produce a report
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19 February 2014

Issues resolved:

  • Switching between “CPU usage by computer” and “ControlUp column by computer” produces an error message
  • Folder reports read data files for each report.
  • Stress reports Y axis grid values display redundant value “6”


  • Data call-outs are displayed for peaks on the “ControlUp column by computer” report
  • Added Support for ControlUp v3 export file name convention
  • New report: ControlUp column by folder
  • New report: User activity
  • Added a low memory warning when memory usage is above 95%
  • Added the “Initial program” column to the User Activity report
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18 August 2013

Bug fixes:

  • Added report: Application Usage
  • Added report: ControlUp Column by Computer
  • Enhanced UI for selecting alternative locale
  • Re-designed to extract resources to memory, eliminating the need to use the %appdata% folder
  • Fixed a condition wherein a repeated launch of the same report may present an incorrect list of computers
  • Enhanced UI with uniform location of common controls
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24 July 2013

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a failure to produce a report when the export timespan is too short
  • Added support for locale difference between the exporting computer and the computer running the reporter
  • Added data validation to prevent unhandled exceptions
  • Fixed an issue with report lines splitting because of line breaks in multi-valued fields
  • Solved an issue with Excel version detection
  • “Stress Level for Computers” report now uses the correct data source
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Initial Release

Included Reports:

  • User Sessions by Folder
  • User Sessions by Computer
  • Stress Level by Folder
  • Stress Level by Computer
  • CPU Usage by Folder
  • CPU Usage by Computer
  • Computer Processes by Sample
  • User Processes by Sample
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